Donkey Milk Benefits

Always known but forgotten for a while, donkey milk reappears as the star of cosmetics and promises great benefits and fantastic results.  Donkey Milk (or assess Milk) is the closest mammal milk to human milk in biochemical composition.  It contains Cassein, Albumin, Fat, Lactose, Salt and Water.  Very rich in vitamins  (A, B1, B2, B6, D, C and E:  Its very high vitamin C content it also slows down the ageing process), minerals and trace elements (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, zinc), biostimulines (immunoglobulins) and Glycerol alkyl.  Thanks to its rich composition, it is an excellent moisturizer which is very effective as an anti-age treatment.and essential fatty acids it contains anti-ageing, regenerative and healing properties.

A little bit of history

The most famous of the great days of yore who regularly bathed in donkey’s milk is certainly Cleopatra, queen of Egypt to maintain its beauty. The legend says that there should be no less than 700 donkeys to provide the quantity of milk needed for daily baths.

The donkey milk was used until the early twentieth century as a substitute for milk. More recently, studies show that donkey milk could serve as an alternative to cow’s milk for children with milk protein allergy.

The milk production

Milk production of the donkey is very rare in Europe and the Americas.  The reason is simple:  This enterprise requires a farming know-how and enough binding.  Milking of the animal is done by hand, six times a day, in the presence of their foal – otherwise, failure of milk – and all this for about two liters of this precious day, against thirty per cow.

In the past few years, a few donkey milk farms have been created, solely for the purpose of producing enough of this precious liquid to supply the needs of babies nutrition products (donkey milk is the best alternative for lactose intolerant infants) AND cosmetic use.  One of the most important donkey milk farms established within the last 12 years is name, simply, Donkey Milk Farm.  It is located in the central part of Chile, in South America, where geographical and weather conditions are exceptional for this type of venture.

Great cosmetic virtues

Sensitive skin, who have an allergic reaction to many care more easily tolerate cream with donkey milk.  The milk of donkeys is regenerative for the skin because of high levels of protein, phospholipids, and ceramides, which in turn confer it with both soothing and restructuring properties.  The product possesses a verified anti-wrinkle effect, eliminates wrinkles and prevents these from appearing product of the passing of time in the skin, face and neck. On the other hand, it eliminates and reduces the signs of expression.   Donkey Milk Facial Cream is also powerful tensor and hidratator of the skin.

Chemical compositon compared to other milk

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