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Perfect hair loss treatment

Daily hair washing does not interfere with hair bulbs. The wires that fall during washing fall anyway at another time, they were already in decline The detergent shampoo can dry the wires, but never take the fall.

Wash the head with hot water makes the hair fall?

No. However, in people with seborrheic dermatitis, should avoid the hot water, which stimulates the production of sebum, and can worsen the disease and promote the loss of hair.

Do not dry your hair after bath makes the hair fall?

Leave wet hair does not make them fall

Should not change your shampoo to get used to the hair?

No. Its just a myth.

Place contraceptive in shampoo makes hair grow faster?

Use of female hormones does not make hair grow faster, much less this way because the absorption of hormones, if it occurs, will be minimal.
Use hat makes the hair fall?
Use of hat hair does not fall, but may in some people who do not take the hat from his head all day, serious diseases such as seborrheic dermatitis, which may be an adjunct to fall.

Cut your hair during menstruation, can change the texture, accentuating the fall and even change the type of wire to smooth curly and vice versa?

Cutting hair does not interfere with their growth or cause its alteration, independent woman be menstruating or not.

Rinse hair when the woman is menstruating is bad for health?

There is the slightest problem be menstruating and wash the hair, it does not cause absolutely no harm to health.

The hair should be cut ends to gain strength?

The fact cut the hair shaft does not interfere with your hair bulb, responsible for its growth.

The hair cut during the time of the full moon rising and fourth grow faster?
There is no scientific evidence

Plucking one gray hair gives birth to 2-7 in place?

Once the hairs start to turn white, the process occurs gradually and other wires will be white too.

Which leads to hair loss in males is excess testosterone? The hairless men are more potent?
The hair loss is not caused by an increase in the production of male hormones, but the larger amount of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which is genetically determined. Therefore has no relationship with virility. remedy for baldness treatment causes erectile dysfunction? While certain drugs experiencing this effect bull, usually very rare (1% of patients) and is completely reversible with discontinuation of the drug.

Dandruff is a sign of dirt?

Dandruff is one of the symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis, and does not mean that people have poor hygiene.

If I lose more hair comb them or brush them?

Fall only the hair that has already completed their life cycle. Thus, it makes no difference if it occurs during brushing or later spontaneously.

Conditioner can cause hair loss?

conditioner does not cause hair loss, what happens is that the wires that are already in the stage of decline will fall more easily. But the ideal is that the conditioner is used only in the wires, and not directly to the scalp, it can aggravate seborrheic dermatitis and promote the fall.

Use gel cause hair loss?

Use gel does not favor the fall of the wires, but it is good to avoid sleep with gel in their hair, as are hardened and can break more easily.

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Dyes and straightening can cause falling wires?

The dye and straightening the wires act and not the root of the hair, and when used properly and with intervals of 30 days did not influence the fall. What can happen is the weakening of the hair shaft, resulting weaker wires, dry, with split ends and prone to breakage.

Dryer and use of sloshing increase the fall?

There, hair loss is related to scalp problems. What can happen is the wire breakage due to high temperature apparatus. Hair grows faster in summer ? Yeah, the sun stimulates the activity of certain hormones such as prolactin and melatonin, which induces hair bulb to work more, accelerating the growth of the wires.

Hair falls more in the winter?

On cold months, light sensors placed on the skin get less brightness. This change decreases the stimulation of cell division, which leads to a smaller number of threads and still weaken the root.Result: beyond the wire fall faster, they are also born slower. It is also at this time that climate change increases the incidence of seborrheic dermatitis dandruff.