The Best Natural Hair Treatment

Wires with excessive chemical or even suffering aggressions of the iron or dryers are further damaged because of the negative effects of the sun. For them, haircuts always indicate hydration. Often you try to do at home, but can not the expected result.

Hair with more oils , for example, are heavy and not always more hydrated.
The secret is to choose the product whose composition has the necessary for your hair type, a way to replenish the water in the locks missing components. If the hair is very damaged, in addition to hydration, it is important to involve another process for reconstruction of the wires. Sometimes several hydration are necessary to achieve the desired softness, explains hairstylist Ariane Ianicelli, indicating the treatments for every hair type .

Dry hair and chemistry

are porous and need oil and water to stay healthy. Thus, it is best to replenish this nutrient. Opt for shades of hydrating with keratin and amino acids, ie, products that offer deeper hydration and recommended to dry hair chemically. The weekly is the most appropriate.

Oily hair

unlike imaginable are not synonymous with hair hydrated, since oiliness is just the root, not reaching the length of the wire, which happens dryness. So, the best is to make an aseptic scalp (clay, for example) to remove excess oil and then moisturize the wires. Can be hydrated every 20 days with less dense creams not to stimulate more sebum.

Normal hair

(usually without chemical process) support a longer period between one treatment and another. Recommend for this type of hair instant ampoules that restore the shine and makes them silky and soft quickly. Within 20 to 30 days between hydration and another is the most suitable.

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