About our site

Donkey Milk Beauty is a USA based reseller of Cleopatra Donkey Milk – Donkey Milk Farm products. We are located in the Big Apple!:

Donkey Milk Beauty

1562 First Ave #205, Suite 1253

New York, NY 10028

Tel: 888-451-8915

We manage our own stock and fulfillment, packing every order ourselves! Donkey Milk Beauty takes great pride on the proper handling of every cream and lotion we sell:

  • We receive weekly shipments of Cleopatra Donkey MilkĀ  – Donkey Milk Farm creams and lotions, directly from the newest manufacturer stock

  • Donkey Milk Beautys stock is shipped from Chile to the USA via special handling courier: we hire the same services that hospitals use to transport laboratory specimens. That means that your creams and lotions are not subject to extreme temperatures and light, and are always given first priority both at custom agencies and delivery stations.

  • We store our creams in a temperature, light and humidity controlled room

  • We package every cream in generous layers of bubble, and wrapped them in dark paper, to insure the parcel will arrive as securely and fresh as possible.

  • Our discrete label and lack of logos and stickers insure the privacy of your purchase.

  • No other reseller matches Donkey Milk Beautys prices and shipping costs. With Donkey Milk Beauty, you will save considerable, whatever purchasing one jar or several creams.